Sure. Good health is... well, good. Simple enough? But I don't need that. It's the only excuse we've ever needed to put off other things. After all these are small things to change in my life. Small things are small changes - easy to do, easy to overlook... unless you consider time. End game scenarios. Good financial health means investing as much as you can as early as you can. Compounding interest is proven. Just look at two bank accounts that are the same, but one invests early and often. Over time, the investor will have an account value worth MANY times the account who did not invest. Take that same mindset of 3% annually and translate it to your health. Do you want to dive into Postural Debt or start investing into your REAL health savings account - your actual health? 

But what about taking it a step further - could that investment help you play longer, better, more focused and less fatigued? Yes. You're an 'Everyday Athlete'. You perform repeated tasks, lift objects, and hold positions and forms for long periods of time. Sure, its not the Olympics (YET). Athletes train with more than what they compete with. The navy seal who broke the pull up record (over 4,000 pull ups! o.O) at one point in his life couldn't do even one pull up. And to reach his 4000 goal... he did over 60,000 pull ups to get there! INSANE. Sure, you may never do 60K pullups in the same time frame. I doubt I will either;  nor both of us combined. Nor a combination of everyone who reads this! But you may have ALREADY performed 60K mouse clicks - wearing down your wrists, fingers, and forearms; you may have already held your head forward over your keyboard (instead of your shoulders) when focusing on your game - wearing down your neck muscles, the bones and joints of your neck, and placing your spinal cord (the thing that is the equivalent to the internet for you entire body) under significant tension. Degeneration happens. It doesn't just happen over decades - I've personally seen it happen to patients in years OR DAYS! 

So - HOW you game... MATTERS.