Bring wellness to the workplace with convenient
chiropractic services in your office.


Companies lose resources when employees take time off work due to illness or doctor appointments. With onsite care, chiropractors can provide treatment to common aches and pains that disrupt employee productivity to save your company money.

Chiropractic is non-invasive and treatment is straightforward with little-to-no equipment required. This means a chiropractor can bring a mobile version directly to your company location and offer relief to common symptoms such as headaches and neck/back pain within as little as 10 minutes.



What our companies Say:

We love that we can offer our employees quality care right in our building. It shows our employees that we care about their health, and it keeps them productive when they feel good.
— Jason, CEO

what YOUR employees say:

It is such a relief for us [employees], not having to spend our time and company time seeking the health care we want. We all appreciate what you do for us here!
— Maria, employee

What our doctorS say:

With onsite care, chiropractors can focus more on patient treatment with more consistent care. You can better someone’s day by getting rid of a headache with a single adjustment.
— Dr. Noel, DC

How Onsite Care Works

Incorporating an onsite chiropractic service at your company location has never been easier or more convenient. Onsite care benefits both company goals and employee wellness



Schedule an onsite service day either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly at your business office.



Notify employees with doctor-provided marketing materials and online sign-up link. We will provide materials needed to help spread the word.



Provide an empty space for patient visits. Visits are up to 20 minutes for first-time patients, and as little as 10 minutes for repeat patients.



Treatment includes individualized conservative chiropractic care with rehab therapies, targeted exercises, and appropriate adjustments.