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AlignHQ is offering a trial of our services to companies who are new to our services. Please use the embedded Acuity Calendar below to schedule a free onsite trial day or contact us through the form below.

Bring chiropractic care into your office.

Onsite care benefits the employees and company through convenient chiropractic care. Healthy employees are more productive, not to mention take less time off due to illness or injury. Common headaches or neck/back pains that affect productivity can be treated during a 20-minute appointment. Employees don't have to take extra time to go offsite and this service can be a premium retention offering to a company's health and wellness program.

How it works:

Schedule onsite visits directly to your office location on a weekly to monthly basis. Requiring only a private 10'x10' space. AlignHQ will provide the rest including marketing materials if needed to notify employees. Appointments are easily booked through the intuitive Square Appointments mobile app and website.

What employees are saying about onsite chiropractic care: 

It is such a relief for us [employees], not having to spend our time and company time seeking the health care we want. We all appreciate what you do for us here.
— Maria

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