Boosting productivity with onsite care

80% of employees report pains that impact their day each week. Let that statistic sink in. That is 8 out of 10 employees. No one wants to experience conditions that interfere with their day. These pains certainly have a tremendous influence on productivity. Reports attribute 25 billion in lost productivity revenues each year. But what are these complaints and how can they be improved with onsite chiropractic care?

The top three conditions that impact productivity are headaches, neck and low back pain. Such pains can be disruptive to not only their own work, but also the people around them. Pain can affect a person's mood, interactions with colleagues, and ability to hit deadlines. These effects are multiplied when you account for symptoms that reoccur multiple times through the week or month. Employee health is a considerable concern for employers.

The consequences of these conditions can be addressed with onsite chiropractic care. Chiropractors excel in diagnosing and treating these three conditions and many other related conditions that arise within the occupational setting. Having a chiropractor available at your business location to exclusively serve the needs of your employees provides them convenient onsite care. A single visit is often enough to improve the pain, mood, and day of each employee under care.

These issues pose a clear need for innovative and agile solutions with the potential to impact a company’s bottom and top benchmarks of success, like AlignHQ onsite care. In addition to other recent employee benefits, onsite care has only recently begun to fill the needs of hard working employees. Add in the common success of chiropractors in treating these top 3 conditions and the mobility of their skillset, which requires little office footprint. Onsite care is a practical solution that conveniently address the needs of 80% of your employees.