Make full use of voluntary chiropractic benefits through onsite chiropractic care.

Is a company wasting its chiropractic insurance benefits if they hire an onsite chiropractor?

The short answer is no.

And at the risk of talking myself out of an opportunity… not 100% of employees will see me (an onsite chiropractor) 100% of the time. They still have spouses and families that may utilize those care benefits offsite with a local family chiropractor. Onsite care simply saves employees invaluable time instead of travelling offsite to use those services, which in turn saves an employer money via productivity gain.

However, the bigger question here is ‘How many people are using those chiropractic benefits to begin with?’ Or rephrased more poignantly… ‘How many people are NOT using those benefits and truly wasting those benefits?’

Some individuals may be uncertain of chiropractic care. These people are more likely to speak with and utilize an onsite chiropractor than seek one out on their own.

In the smallest capacity as an onsite chiropractor at your business, I operate as a benefits consultant - encouraging your employees to utilize their chiropractic benefits by being an accessible resource who may have answers and insights into the questions and concerns those employees may have that are preventing them from fully utilizing their existing benefits.