Does onsite care differ from the care you receive in a traditional office?

The onsite care provided by AlignHQ is essentially the same as most care provided in a traditional chiropractic office, but in a more convenient location - where you and your employees work each day. While the onsite care visits your employees experience with AlignHQ are familiar to a traditional office, there are some differences.

A majority of care is standardized and may not vary widely. There are required procedures that should be offered at every office. These best practices are certainly provided by AlignHQ. We do not compromise care quality to make our care significantly more convenient. Every chiropractor will perform an evaluation, assessment, and treatment plan. AlignHQ care is tailored to the needs of each person alongside recommendations that are common to the office environment.

Chiropractic care is remarkable in that it is very agile. Minimal equipment is required to perform a majority of the services you’d receive anywhere else. You can expect to see a familiar chiropractic adjusting table, commonly used adjusting techniques, treatments, assessment tools, and of course a clean environment.

One more distinction associated with the onsite care offered by AlignHQ is tied to one of our founding principles - redesigning care to be more convenient for the patient. This is accomplished by merging modern technology with our care. While most offices are beginning to explore the 21st century of health care - AlignHQ is already there. Simple things like providing digital resources that help your employees. Gone are the days of remembering what the weird exercise was that the doctor instructed at the office two days ago. That brainpower can instead be used for important things like work - or remembering the intricate relationships and plot lines of the excessively numerous characters within Game of Thrones… Despite whatever is going on in Westeros, we believe that patients who have dedicated access to valuable digital (and human) resources receive better, more consistent care.