Does onsite care differ from the care you receive in a traditional office?

Chiropractic care is remarkable in that it is very agile. Minimal equipment is required to perform a majority of the services you’d receive anywhere else.

Increasing health costs are resulting in lower utilization... and it's not a good thing.

While not all ailments fall under the realm of physical medicine or need to be addressed by an onsite chiropractor - having one does offer employees a sense of security. Convenient access to the opinion of a health care provider can mean the difference in the life of someone who lacks certainty or encouragement to address their health.

Playing ping-pong again!

2018 Testimonial Highlights


An employee injured his shoulder and was no longer able to raise his hand above his waist. This frustration for him is two fold. He a passionate ping pong player, the company’s reigning champion of the ping pong table, and his department role was impacted due to his newly acquired disability. 

This employee had already consulted his primary care, who's recommendations provided little relief. A comprehensive approach centered around chiropractic adjustments to the spine and involved shoulder had him raising his hand up over his head immediately. His first visit with us was a tremendous success!

Our continued care had him back to the top of the company's competition in no time and fully functioning in his role within his department.

A growing demand for work-life balance is changing the employee benefits landscape

Employee health needs are changing, especially as we progress further into the information age where everything is expected to be instantaneous. As our world becomes more interconnected new demands are placed on the employee, both at work and at home, limiting the time available to seek health solutions. Longer work hours and commutes are only a portion of those challenges.

Employers have long recognized the need for a healthy employee base by providing health resources and benefits to their staff. Employer provided benefits have shaped a more reliable workforce, but the implementation of many benefits creates some inefficiencies. These inefficient benefits consume the time of both the employee and employer through offsite care. Taking time from work to maintain one’s health requires either sacrificing the personal time of the employee or billed to the employer as Paid Time Off. Time which is better spent in relaxation to recharge for future days of work.

The time an employee uses to access effective offsite health care options, like chiropractic care, reduces the time available to the company or the employee. The duration of transportation, waiting area, the visit, and return trip accumulate to a sum of several hours per week. That sum is further compounded by each additional visit during the week. Access to many current health solutions are clearly inefficient for both.

However, onsite care is an efficient solution for these much needed health resources and benefits. These health solutions are proven, but their model is becoming obsolete in our digital age.

A new model that is structured upon the house call services provided routinely by doctors of the past is re-envisioned, as onsite care.